We pride ourselves in the creative alignment of art and frame, that only custom framing can achieve. We offer moulding in a range of styles and finishes that meets all tastes and budgets. From the most elegant hand-finished gold leaf to the simplest black, we can provide a finished product that will take your breath away. We utilize conservation framing techniques and only use mats, glass and finishing materials that will do no harm to your priceless objects. Add to that our expert design consultation along with your personal direction and you will see why we guarantee your satifaction.

  • Let Pam help you with the perfect design

    Let Pam help you with the perfect design

  • So much beauty

    So much beauty

    Choose from hundreds of styles to accent your art

  • Fine Craftsmanship

    Fine Craftsmanship

    Fit and finish rule

  • Framing Components

    Framing Components

    Expert design, Conservation materials, and fine craftsmanship combined to enhance your art.